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Cabot High School (CHS) is a public high school that teaches tenth and twelfth grade students in Cabot, Arkansas. Cabots Youth offers a wide range of sports, from football, basketball, baseball, football, lacrosse, athletics, gymnastics, cross-country skiing, volleyball, golf and athletics.

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Our training facilities have been upgraded to provide the latest and best quality equipment for the highest performing athletes in the state of Arkansas.

Cabot Aquatic Park is a modern outdoor facility that brings joy to the whole family. Whether you want to swim in the pool, splash about in a tiny dead area or relax on the lazy river, there is something for everyone. Local attractions include an award-winning school-run history museum, an outdoor amphitheater and the Cabot Museum of Natural History.

Cabot Parks and Rec are committed to promoting a high quality of life through a variety of safe and accessible programs and facilities. We strive to develop and offer a diverse and ever-expanding list of life-enriching programs - activities that all Cabot citizens enjoy and can participate in throughout the year. Grab a shopping buddy and go do some Christmas shopping while supporting local businesses in Central Arkansas and providing groceries to children in the Cabot School District.

The girls' golf team is a nine-time state golf champion who won his first title in 2012 after winning eight consecutive state golf titles between 1986 and 1993. The boys' golf team has been a member of the Arkansas State Golf Championship since its inception in 1986 and is the sole front-runner for victories in the state golf championship. In bowling, the girls' bowling team was second in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, and the boys' bowling team was in the top 10 state bowlers for the last four years.

The Cabot Panthers compete in the Arkansas Activities Association, which is administered by the University of Arkansas School of Public Health and Human Services (UAHHS), the state's largest public school system.

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Kelley says players are not prohibited from returning punts, although incremental yards are expected to be gained by returning. Kelley reckons the chance of a recovery is greater than the risk of the opposition picking up momentum in midfield. If we give up the punt, our offensive line has a chance to stay on the field, "he said. If the opponent is in possession of the ball and scores a touchdown, all 12 types of punching (e.g. placing the ball on flat ground) are recorded in the game book, including this one.

It started with a touchdown, in which the Panthers shut out the Hornets 14-1 and tied the game with a 10-4 run. Hudson and Seth Vance converted several threes to cut the deficit to 4, and Hudson's third touchdown pass of the night, a 20-yarder, was converted by Hudson, Seth and Vance.

With the victory, Pulaski maintained its first-place finish in Class 4A over Arkansas, improving to 5-1 overall and 1-0 at Arkansas State. The victory moved the Bruins to 99th on the all-time wins list in Arkansas high school football history and moved them into a tie for the second-best record in school history.

During the Civil War, a large Confederate camp called Camp Nelson was built nearby, and the area was overrun by the railroad tracks of the Arkansas, Tennessee and South Carolina Railway Company. But the war's greatest impact came as an even greater factor in growth. In 1889, the business district that developed around the tracks included a hotel owned by James Charles Boyd and his son-in-law James James Boyd.

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